Head Up Display - MPH Windshield Projector (MPH + KM/H)

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The MPH Windshield Projector revolutionizes the way you access vital driving data. By projecting essential information directly onto your front windshield, this innovative device keeps your eyes focused on the road, ensuring your safety while providing real-time updates. 

With this display, you can effortlessly monitor critical driving metrics such as speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, and single mileage. All this information is conveniently displayed within your line of sight, eliminating the need to look down at the dashboard and reducing potential distractions. 

By keeping your attention on the road ahead, the MPH Windshield Projector enhances driver safety, preventing accidents caused by diverting focus from the driving environment. With the data conveniently projected onto your car's front window glass, you can maintain optimal situational awareness and stay in control throughout your journey. 

Not only does this device prioritize your safety, but it also promotes an efficient and comfortable driving experience. By keeping your eyes up and focused, it enables you to maintain the best driving state, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to changing road conditions. 

Embrace a safe driving mode with the MPH Windshield Projector, your trusted companion for on-road convenience and enhanced safety. Stay informed, stay focused, and enjoy a stress-free journey while ensuring the utmost safety for you and those around you.





Wire or Wireless: Wired

Type: on dashboard computer, OBD HUD, USB HUD

Speed Display: Yes, real-time speed

Size Name: 86x37x16mm

Plug & Play: Yes

Placement: on Dashboard, USB, OBD2


Interface: mini-USB

Function: Speed Monitoring, Driving Alarm reminder


Applicable car models: Any cars/buses/trucks/motorcycles with OBD2